Advertising is designed to encourage or persuade the reader to chose your company, product or service over the competition. In order to accomplish that goal your ad must be compelling. You want to draw the consumer to you. In order to fulfil that goal a good ad must be concise, coherent and appeal well to its audience.

With this in mind a good ad:

  • Emotionally connects with its target audience - An Attention-grabbing headline or image.
  • Is memorable and easily recalled - A compelling image or a catchy by-line.
  • Provides information quickly and succinctly - Concise, coherent and appealing.
  • Doesn't’t confuse the viewer - no exteranious information.
  • Doesn't make the viewer hunt for the pertinent information - Keep it Simple.
  • Does not lambaste the viewer with information - Again Keep it simple.

A good print ad is composed of four elements:

  • Strong Visuals - A provocative image
  • Effective Headline - Attention-grabbing
  • Well-written Copy - A paragraph or two of tight, well-written, concise and easy to read copy
  • Calls the Viewer to Action - something in the ad that gives them an incentive to call or contact you now along with a logo and contact information
Great advertisements connect with their audience to provide memorable, informative, and compelling content that get viewers to respond to the call to action.